Skeletal System

Working collaboratively as young scientists, the children constructed the human skeletal system using dog bones! They labelled key parts of the skeleton and were able to explain which bones protect our vital organs. Super science!

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Reasoning Ralf!

In maths, the children have been applying their knowledge of fractions to a series of challenging word problems. Following Reasoning Ralf’s steps, the children underlined key information, annotated pictures and used written methods to find the correct answers!

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Viking Clay Pots

In DT, the children have designed and created their very own Viking clay pots. They evaluated original designs and created initial and final designs themselves. Then, they created their master pieces!

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Ivan’s Treacherous Journey

In year 3, during our computer lessons, the children have been learning to create sections of a story board to capture Ivan’s treacherous journey to the Ice Palace from our amazing class novel.


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Sweet Word Problems

Continuing on from Year 3 fabulous Inspire morning, the children created their own word problems, using sweets to represent the numbers. The children used different types of sweets to represent the hundreds, tens and units. Sweet!

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Place Value

In maths, we have been working hard to deepen our understanding of place value. Working with numbers to 1000, the children used hands-on resources to find 10 and 100 more and less than a number.

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World Cup Fever

As World Cup fever swept through school, the children were tasked with creating their very own World Cup trophy as part of their homework project.  We were blown away with what they produced!



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Capacity in ml and l

In maths, the children have been learning to measure, compare, add and subtract capacity in millilitres and litres. The children got ‘hands on’ with their concrete resources to help them to better understand the concept.

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Ring of Fire

As part of our geography lesson, the children made the ‘Ring Of Fire’ using the amazing volcanoes they had created for their homework project. Then, children worked together to label key countries and oceans. Great Geography!

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Fantastic Mr Fox

As part of our English lesson, the children planned and re-enacted a scene from our class novel: Fantastic Mr Fox.  The children loved watching their scenes on the big screen and made suggestions as to how they could have been improved.


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