Learn more, remember more!

In helping our children to ‘learn more, remember more’, Year 3 created their own low stakes geography quiz based on what they have learned this term about villages, towns and cities. They then used their quiz to test what others had learned and remembered.

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Viking Life

The children really enjoyed their visit to York to take a journey back in time to learn more about the life of the Vikings. As young historians, the children carried out their own excavations to discover more about how the Viking people lived. They also took a tour of a Viking street and learned what life would really have been like, including how a street would have smelled.

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As part of our Inspire Morning working with parents, the children created their own maths-themed superheroes complete with super powers linked to addition and subtraction. Now, can our Year 3 superheros be called upon to come to the rescue of mathematicians needing help?

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Still Frame Animation

In computing, the children have been mastering the skills of still frame animation. Using props from the theme of our class novel, the children have learned to take clear photographs, duplicate images and delete ones which are blurry or capture more than they wanted to. We are all really excited for them to be upload the photos to the ‘I Can Animate’ app so we can see the animation come to life.

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Paired Balances

In PE, the children have been learning how to perform a range of challenge matching, paired balances using different points of their bodies to take their weight. The children used video footage from a previous lesson to evaluate each others’ performance. Super indoor PE!

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Sikh Temple Visit Leeds

The children in Year 3 visited a Sikh temple in Leeds as part of their RE work on places of worship. The children learned about the 5 K’s of Sikhism, learned to play a traditional Sikh instrument called a Harmonium and even got to sample Langar – a meal consisting of a lentil curry, rice, chipati and fruit. They thought it was delicious!

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Acting and Narration Skills

In Year 3, the children have been developing their acting and narration skills by planning and acting out a scene from our class novel. We are clearing shelf space for the Oscars…

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Musical Performance

Year 3 have recently performed to parents to showcase their musical talents. Performing songs and instrumentals, the children worked in 2 and 3 parts and even made up their own rhythms about Wakefield linked to our topic or locality!

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Skeletal System

Working collaboratively as young scientists, the children constructed the human skeletal system using dog bones! They labelled key parts of the skeleton and were able to explain which bones protect our vital organs. Super science!

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Reasoning Ralf!

In maths, the children have been applying their knowledge of fractions to a series of challenging word problems. Following Reasoning Ralf’s steps, the children underlined key information, annotated pictures and used written methods to find the correct answers!

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